• When does the Grand Teton National Park open?

    The park is open to the public all year round, while a number of facilities such as the visitor center, ranger center and certain roads close during winter. Depending upon the snow conditions, the road gets opened only for non motorized recreation like walking, rollerblading, skiing etc. For further information you can check out the Operating Hours and Seasons page.

    • What are the costs of visiting the park?

    Entrance fee per vehicle is charged at $25 for one week of access and helps support the maintenance, visitor services and facilities within the park. Motorcyclists can enter at a fee of $20 and bikers or hikers only need to pay $12 for entry. An annual pass for year round access to all national and federal parks on the country can also be purchased at $80. You can check out the Fees and Reservations page for more information about the expenses.

    • Are pets allowed in the park?

    Pets are allowed, but to ensure your safety as well as your pet’s, they should be kept restrained and not allowed in hiking trails or inside visitor facilities. The leash on pets should be at least 6 feet long and within 30 feet of the road. These regulations are imposed to protect you, your pet and the other visitors, as well as the resources of the park and the natural wildlife in the region.

    • What are my options for wildlife viewing at the park and which animals can I see?

    The Grand Teton National Park is a haven for nature lovers from around the world looking for a chance to see elks, bald eagles, coyotes, bison and pronghorns as well as wolves grizzly bears in their natural habitat. However, a safe distance should be maintained form the creatures at all times to ensure safety. Check out the Wildlife Viewing page for more information.

    • What are the must-do activities at the park?

    Whether you are an adventurist at heart, keen to explore the historic artifacts in the region or prefer a peaceful, solitary journey through the realms of nature – there is something for everyone at the Grand Teton. Most people visit the park for its world renowned trout fishing, biking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, boating, climbing, skiing, horseback riding and backcountry climbing attractions. For a complete list, take a look at our plan your visit section.

    • What do I do if I encounter an emergency in the park?

    Dial 911 for emergency hotline – There are public phones available at several locations across the park which includes Flagg Ranch, south Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake Lodge, Moran Entrance Station, Leeks Marina, Signal Mountain Lodge, Moose, Colter Bay Village and Dornan’s. The St. John’s Medical Center (625 E. Broadway Street, Jackson) and the Grand Teton Medical Clinic at Jackson Lake Lodge can also be reached out for emergency medical services.