Fun Facts

Did You Know?

    • The Grand Teton National Park was established both in 1929 and then again in 1950. The former protected the mountain ranges as well as the lakes near the valley base and the latter expanded the park parameters to include all of the adjacent valley area.
    • There is a massive fault at the base of the mighty Teton Range – and after every few years, it results in an earthquake measuring approximately 7.5 on the Richter scale. As a result, the valley floor dips a little lower and the mountains are lifted skywards.
    • While it may not seem like it, but the Teton mountain ranges are the youngest mountains in the world – however, at the same time the granite and gneiss in their core are counted as some of the oldest rocks in North America.
    • Until the late 1800s, no one really settled on the western bank of the Snake River which is the central section of the Jackson Hole Valley. William Menor in 1890s shuttled a ferry service which helped establish the only reliable crossing point on the river between Moran and Wilson.
    • The cold harsh winters in the region limit the diversity of wildlife, but several animals have learnt how to adapt to the environment. The ‘Pikas’, for example, are a small member of the rabbit family, and they harvest and store grass as haystacks under the rocks in the alpines to survive though the long winters.