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Take the U.S. 191 through Northwestern Wyoming to arrive at the breathtakingly beautiful Grand Teton national Park. Situated just south of the Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Teton doesn’t let its neighbor down, offering picturesque sceneries and exciting adventures as well as a strong dose of American History to its visitors.

Home to an ethereal mountain range, the park features 7000 feet tall jagged peaks, towering over the Jackson Hole valley, truly epitomizing the beauty of the Rockies. These mountains form the perfect backdrop for a valley inundated with alpine meadows complete with miles of wallflowers and striking greenery. The steep coniferous forest lining the mountains is in sharp contrast to the stark white and granite peaks, creating a sight to behold.

The heart of the Teton mountain range is formed by the Grand, Middle, and South Tetons. Visitors can also see and even climb their less feisty neighbors: Mount Owen, Teewinot Mountain, and Mount Moran that are all equally stunning.

There’s a lot to do at the Grand Teton national Park apart from sightseeing. The Snake River offers floating and boating opportunities while trekking lovers can enjoy the over 200 miles of intense trails that will get you up close and personal with the nature. There’s hiking, camping and kayaking experiences to be had at the Grand Teton national park and of course plenty of wild and natural life to keep photography enthusiasts busy.

Hotels – When planning your visit, and deciding upon a place to stay, there are many options. Whether you want an unrestricted view of the mountains, or just want to be up, close and personal with nature, you will find exactly what you need. READ MORE

Dining – For those who are looking for fine dining, Mural Room at Jackson Lake Lodge is the restaurant for you. The park also has grills, bistros, mexican restaurants and many more options to feed your appetite. READ MORE

Things to do – The quintessential American mountain range on display at the Grand Teton National Park draws millions of visitors each year. There’s also an abundance of wildlife and plenty of history lessons every step of the way at the park. Here are some of our favorite places to experience the Grand Teton Park in all its glory. See our Top 10 List. We put together a few of the top things you must do below:

  • 42-Mile Scenic Loop Drive – The Grand Teton Park roads provide one of the most delightful tours of the region, taking visitors on the now famous 42-Mile Scenic Loop Drive through the park’s iconic features made famous by American photographer Ansel Adams.
  • Mormon Row Historic District – Whether you are a photography buff, nature-lover, or arm-chair historian, you’ve no doubt come to know the iconic images of the weather-beaten Moulton barn sitting in front the vast Grand Teton Mountains.
  • Cowboy Up Tandem Hang-Gliding – Adventurous visitors to the Grand Teton region will love Cowboy Up Tandem Hang-Gliding School’s one-of-a-kind hang-gliding tours of the mountains. Safely snuggled in canvas cocoon behind the pilot, you’ll have the confidence and freedom to see the area’s most beautiful features from the air.

Nature & Science – The Teton Range is the dominating highlight of the park’s skyline, rising 7000 feet above the Jackson Hole Valley with a stunning backdrop of serene forests and pristine lakes in the region. Between the high mountain ranges and the flatter plateaus, the mountainside is carpeted with alpine forests and the meadow floor blooms and comes alive with vivid colors during the summer months. Crystalline lakes, cascading streams and the sparkling Snake River wind through the rocky canyons and ridged potholes creating a stunning and mesmerizing scene that is unlike any other in the entire world. READ MORE

History & Culture – The history and culture of the towering Grand Teton ranges and the Jackson Hole Valley goes back to thousands of years and is a rich amalgamation of artistic wonder, natural allure, historic beauty and cultural diversity. The region is dotted with souvenirs and monuments from its glorious past and visitors not only have the privilege of exploring the realms of historic significance of the area, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take a trip down memory lane but also support the rehabilitation and preservation of the region with the help of independent resource centers, cultural preservation organizations as well as non profits working solely for the cause. READ MORE