Fees & Reservations

Park Entrance Fees:

All people and cars entering the car have to pay a one-time entrance fee that will remain valid for all subsequent entries for the next 7 days. This week long permit is also good for entering the Yellowstone National Park, if it is open at the time of your visit. The fees are as follows:
$25 – per vehicle
$20 – per motorcycle
$12 – per person (hiker or bicyclist)

Other Entrance Passes:

You may also use an Interagency Annual Park Pass, available for $80 and valid for the whole year. Or use a Winter Day pass, $5, only valid from Mid-December to the 30th of April. Entrance to the Grand Teton National Park is free for all Military personnel and their dependents upon producing proper identification.

American citizens over the age of 62 can buy a lifetime pass for $10. There is also lifetime free access for citizens with permanent disabilities.