Operating Hours & Seasons

If you have a visitor’s pass for the neighboring Yellowstone National Park, you’ll be glad to know that the pass is also good for the more tourist friendly Grand Teton national Park. The Grand Teton is open all year round.

When to Visit: The Teton Valley is characterized by mild summers that are all too short and long cold winters that never seem to end. The wet season is mercifully brief and only lasts for the two months of March and April. Rest of the year the weather remains dry with low humidity.
Peak tourist season is July and August because this is when visitors can also visit the adjacent Yellowstone national Park, getting the most out of their vacations. However, if you’d like to avoid the rush and take your time to soak in the scenic beauty and wildlife offered by the Grand Teton National park it is better to avoid these months and instead schedule your visit before the 15th of June or soon after Labor Day. Or try to schedule the sightseeing at off-peak hours when everyone else will be busy eating or sleeping!
The winters here can be extreme so don’t forget to pack on layers of clothing.
The park is open all year round, even on holidays. But the visitor centers, post offices, stores, restaurants and museums are mostly closed from November to March as well as on all legal national holidays.