History & Culture

The history and culture of the towering Grand Teton ranges and the Jackson Hole Valley goes back to thousands of years and is a rich amalgamation of artistic wonder, natural allure, historic beauty and cultural diversity. The region is dotted with souvenirs and monuments from its glorious past and visitors not only have the privilege of exploring the realms of historic significance of the area, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take a trip down memory lane but also support the rehabilitation and preservation of the region with the help of independent resource centers, cultural preservation organizations as well as non profits working solely for the cause.

Cultural history – The cultural history of the Grand Teton is rich with detail and dates back to thousands of years. Owing to the natural beauty as well as the abundance of wild life and natural resources in the region, humans have been drawn to the Teton Range and the Jackson Hole Valley for hundreds of years. The region has been inhabited by Paleo-Indians and homesteaders and it was in the early 1900s that the concept of Dude Ranchers materialized in the west making it a unique cultural haven. The park was expanded in 1950, and since then has served as a magnet for nature lovers, globe trotters, history enthusiast and tourists from all around the globe. READ MORE

Preservation – The Western Center for Historic Preservation (WCHP) is a regional resource preservation center that promotes preservation education and maintenance services to all western national parks and devises strategies and allocates tasks for sustainable and timely maintenance of these sites without any unnecessary delay. Park staff often lack the skills, expertise and experience required to maintain and assess the condition of rustic historic structures in its vicinity and the WCHP partners with government organizations, educational institutes as well as non profits for the rehabilitation and preservation of the historic sites and cultural resources in the Western National parks including the Grand Teton. READ MORE