Wildlife viewing is one of the most striking highlights of the Grand Teton National Park and attracts thousands of tourists as well as nature lovers from far and wide every year. Animals in the Grand Teton are characterized by the different areas of the region they inhabit, the natural features of the valley, plains, forests and mountainside and the diverse ecosystem of the region and visitors from all around the world come to the area to view the reptiles, birds, mammals, insects and fish in the area in their natural habitat.

From the clear, blue skies where flocks of tropical birds such as golden eagles and trumpeter swans fly to the deep, sparkling lake where an Osprey dives in for a catch – and from the valley floor where a black bear feasts on insect larvae to the meadow where a moose scuttles through the moisture-rich plains – the ecological diversity and natural beauty of Grand Teton is impossible to miss in its unique temperate ecosystem.

Animals in the Grand Teton reside as well as migrate in the different areas of the region and evolve and adapt to the environmental conditions with every change in season. From rare species of birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians to some of the smallest and largest mammals that walk the earth the grand Teton is home to a variety of animals and these fascinating creatures play a vital role in preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of the environment.