You can see some of the most beautiful and unique species of birds known to mankind on your visit to the Grand Teton National Park.
The most colorful, largest and even the smallest of North American bird species either inhabit or pass through the park all round the year. The list includes birds such as the Trumpeter Swan, the Calliope Hummingbird, Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Sage Grouse, the Western Tanager and much more. Avid birdwatchers can find Calliope Hummingbirds, the smallest North American bird weighing less than one-tenth of an ounce, near willow shrubs and the blooming scarlet Gilia. On the other hand, pairs of the Trumpeter Swan, which is considered the largest of water fowls in US, are usually seen at the Flat Creek, Swan Lake and Oxbow Bend.
Ospreys and Bald Eagles fish and nest near water and watching them hunt with their talons in a streamlined fashion is a treat to watch. During spring break, visitors to the park can enjoy the unique courtship display of the sage grouse and also view the colorful Western Tanagers which are one of the most colorful tropical birds you can find in this area. Visitors are reminded to watch from a distance using their binoculars and not get too close to the nests or disturb the natural habitat of these glorious yet shy creatures.