Plan Your Visit

Planning a trip to the Grand Teton National Park? There is a lot you can do all year round – from a plethora of adventurous activities to looking at sights you are going to remember for life. Here is some information that will make your visit to the Grand Teton absolutely worth it in every aspect!

Places to Go – With striking natural beauty, abundance of wildlife and history lessons planned every step of the way, the list comprising of places to visit in the Grand Teton can go on and on. The Jackson Lake Dam, Jenny Lake, The Teton Village Aerial Tramway and the Paintbrush-Cascade Canyon Loop Trail; however, top the list! READ MORE

Getting Around – There are plenty of ways to get around in the huge Grant Teton NP and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful landscape to full fervor! The most preferred modes of transport include car, on an RV, a bike or for the more adventurous – on foot! READ MORE

Top 10 places to eat - You can find a great variety of dining options in the Grand Teton, making your stay and your trip all the more reliable and fun than usual! READ MORE

Top 10 places to stay – The top 10 places to stay in Grand Teton include Jenny Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, American Alpine Club Climbers’ Ranch, Dornans Spur Ranch Cabin, Headwaters Lodge and Cabins at Flagg Ranch, Signal Mountain Lodge, Triangle X Ranch, The Rustic Inn, Snow King Resort Hotel and the Snake River Lodge & Spa. READ MORE

Backcountry camping – Backcountry camping gives you an amazing chance to explore the high country at the Grand Teton National Park with an adventure and thrill! You will need a backcountry camping permit for all climbing activities and a list of other necessary equipment such as bear proof canisters. READ MORE

Biking – A paradise for bikers, The Grand Teton national park has a convenient multi-use pathway for bikers that extends from the Jackson to Moose Junction in the North and then circles to the Teton Park Road, finally ending at the South Jenny Lake Area. READ MORE

Bird watching – Avid bird watchers will have the time of their lives at the Grand Teton National Park because it is home to more than 300 bird species including the Bald eagle, Hummingbirds, Prairie falcons, Woodpeckers and Calliope hummingbird etc. READ MORE

Scenic drives – A drive through the park is one of the biggest adventures offered by the Grand Teton National Park. The beautiful, picturesque roads inside and around the Grand Teton National Park will take you over lush green hills, across mountain peaks and to crystal clear lakes and rivers. READ MORE

Climbing – The 40 mile Teton Range includes formidable peaks such as the Grand Teton, Middle Teton, South Teton, Mount Moran and Mount Owen and the Grand Teton offers some of the best alpine rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities in the United States. READ MORE

Boating – You will find plenty of boat rentals, services and amenities for water adventurers in the Park. Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake, Phelps Lake allow motor boats as well a human powered vessels such as kayaks etc. READ MORE

Skiing – Grand Teton National Park is an amazing winter getaway for families that love to go on skiing adventures together. READ MORE

Fishing – You can come across a variety of other fish such as cutthroat, brown, lake and rainbow trout, as well as Mackinaw trout at the Grand Teton. READ MORE

Wildlife viewing – Visitors to the Grand Teton National Park can come across a variety of mountain lions, black bears, grizzly bears and wolves as the valley is home to more than 60 species of mammals such as moose, bison, elk, pronghorns, coyotes. A diverse bird life lives in the shadows of the Teton mountain range. READ MORE

Horseback riding – Enjoy the ranch experience to the max with horseback riding! The Grand Teton National Park has historically allowed access to all kinds of stock animals including horses, mules and burros etc. READ MORE

Hiking – With its rocky terrains, the Grand Teton National Park is the perfect destination for those looking to experience the mountainous trails in all their glory. READ MORE

Weather – The contrast between summer and winter in the Grand Teton is remarkable. The weather in the Grand Teton National Park encompasses a wide spectrum of temperatures and conditions throughout a year. READ MORE