The Grand Teton national park is a biker’s paradise. The multi-use pathway is also open for bikers and extends from Jackson to Moose Junction in the North and then circles to the Teton Park Road, finally ending at the South Jenny Lake Area. You may find some sections of the pathway closed depending on when you choose to visit the Grand Teton National Park. The Teton County Website has information and maps important for bikers.

Biking Regulations at the Grand Teton Park

All bikers are directed to keep their helmets on at all times. The bicycles must stay on paved or unpaved roadways and trail riding is not permitted. Bikes are also not allowed into the backcountry areas of the park.
All bikers should keep to the right side of the road and remain in a single file. This ensures safety of all bikers and other tourists that may be on the road at any given time. Bikers are also encouraged to use hand signals when communicating with other bikers. Also, if biking at low visibility, all riders must display a reflector from front and rear of their bikes to ensure that others on the road can see them.