The Grand Teton National Park is home to many lakes, rivers and marinas. You will find plenty of boat rentals, services and amenities for water adventurers in the Park. Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake, Phelps Lake allow motor boats as well a human powered vessels such as kayaks etc. Other lakes only allow human powered vessel. These include the Emma Matilda Lake, Two Ocean Lake, Bradley Lake, Bearpaw Lake and String Lake.

However if you are looking for something more bold than boating, the Snake River, situated 1000 feet below the Jackson Dam, offers rafting opportunity thanks to the mild rapids that develop a few times every year.

The 4 marinas located in the Grand Teton National Park and around it are Leeks Marina (open early June to early September), Colter Bay Village marina, Signal Mountain Lodge (open mid-May to mid-September) and also the Spalding Bay.

The boat rentals are available at Colter Bay Village Marina, Jenny Lake Boating and also Signal Mountain Lodge.

Get Your Boat Permits

Park visitors interested in boating at the myriad lakes and rivers here must purchase permits from Moose, Jenny Lake or Colter Bay Visitor Centers. The Buffalo Ranger Station also sells these boating permits during summer time.
Available for $20 each, these boating permits for motorized crafts are valid for a 7 day period. While permits for boating in human powered vessels are sold for $10. Annual permits can also be bought via a special request at any of these centers.