A climber’s heaven, the Grand Teton National Park offers some of the best alpine rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities in the United States. The 40 mile Teton Range includes some formidable peaks such as the Grand Teton, Middle Teton, South Teton, Mount Moran and Mount Owen. You will love the hundreds of spectacular routes, quick scrambles, steep couloirs and vertical walls that lend themselves nicely to ridge climbs.

The Best Seasons for Climbing

Mid- July to August is when climbers flock to the Park. This is when the weather is moderate i.e. not too hot or cold, however be sure that you have packed supplies that can help you tackled either extremes. Snow and corn snow has been known to fall even in summertime. Extreme hot temperatures go well above 100 degrees in summer time. While winters bring extreme cold, frigid temperatures and heavy winds as well as snowfall. December through May, the Park becomes Avalanche central.

Get Your Climbing Permits

If you are on a one day only mountaineering trip, then no permits are required. However, all overnight trips and backcountry camping endeavors require climbers to carry their permits at all times. These permits can be had at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station from June to September.