The lakes and streams in the Grand Teton National Park lend nicely to hours of a peaceful, serene fishing experience. In addition to fly fishing that this area is renowned for, you can also expect to come across a variety of other fish such as cutthroat, brown, lake and rainbow trout, as well as Mackinaw trout.
You can go fishing at the Snake River under the Grand Teton Mountains, giving you an unobstructed view of the Jackson Hole Valley. Then there are the Jackson and Jenny Lakes with the reputation of producing some veritable monsters weighing 50 pounds or more. However, keep your expectations realistic, the usual catches here are less than 20 inches in size.
You can rent all the fishing, boating and trolling equipment at the marinas and lakes. Guided fishing tours are also available for a small fee. In fact, these tours are the perfect way to combine your fishing holiday with views of spectacular wildlife and fauna here at the Park.