Getting Around

Grand Teton National Park is huge! There are some spectacular mountains, unspoiled lakes and acres of greenery filled with all kinds of wildlife to enjoy. Add to that the many recreational activities on offer here, and you are all set to have an extraordinary, all-American adventure.
There are plenty of ways to get around in the Grant Teton NP and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful landscape. However, the following are preferred by most of the visitors. Since there are long distances involved in the tour, visitors mostly like to drive around, but there are some adventurous souls out there who venture throughout the park on bikes or hike their way around.

Getting Around By Car

The drive to the park alone is worth the hassle, but once you are inside, some glorious views await you. A majority of visitors to the Grand Teton National Park prefer to drive up here. You can always hire a car or drive your own. The Park is inundated with geographical attractions and a car ensures that you will be able to get close to each one of them during your visit.
You can also go about on buses with other tourists, but if you value your freedom and tend to take your time when enjoying the scenery, it’s a good idea to bring a car with you.

Getting Around In an RV

Taking the car idea up another notch, an RV is like your residence and transport in one, coming in very handy at the Grand Teton National Park if you are an avid fan of camping. There are plenty of camping sites all over the park, some of which also provide hookups.
If you are okay with the horrible gas mileage these usual provide, an RV or a trailer are a pretty great way to go touring the Grand Teton national Park. But beware; there are some places where these large vehicles may be prohibited, so you will have to leave them at the campsite for the day and hike or bike to these destinations.

On Foot or Bike

If you are looking to get a close-up and unrestricted view of the jagged mountain peaks, the lush greenery and exciting animal life on offer at the Grand Teton national Park, then you are better off on foot. For a more immersive experience, forego the hotels and motels to bring your camping gear and sleeping bags. There a few standard campsites scattered throughout the park offering fire pits for cooking and a picnic table as well as standard campground amenities such as toilets and water.