Offering some of the most challenging and exciting hiking experiences to visitors, the Grand Teton National Park is the perfect destination for those looking to experience the mountainous trails in all their glory. The visitor center’s as well as the park’s official website can provide visitors with brochures detailing the best hikes and related safety recommendations.
Hiking is the perfect way to experience the Grand Teton National Park. The hiking trails aren’t crowded at all, letting you enjoy the views and wildlife in solitude. The most scenic hiking trails are around the lakes i.e. Jenny, Leigh, Phelps and Taggart lakes. The easiest ones are Cascade Canyon Trail and the Signal Mountain Summit Trail. The former gives you the option of taking the easy way out with a boat ride across the lake and then hiking on to the Hidden Falls. Or you can just as easily get a more challenging hike out of it and take the whole day to enjoy the hike up to the Hidden Falls.
The Cascade Canyon Loop in the Grand Teton national Park is one of the best Backcountry Trails offered by any of the American national parks. The highest point in this loop is called the Paintbrush Divide, and you only need take one look at the view from there to understand the reason behind its name. The Paintbrush Divide offers breathtaking, panoramic views of the Jackson Hole Valley and Leigh Lake.
All hikers in the Grand Teton National Park are cautioned that the park is primarily bear country. So always carry bear spray and visit the nearest ranger station to stay updated on park alerts and trail conditions.