Horseback riding

The Grand Teton National Park has historically allowed access to all kinds of stock animals including horses, mules and burros etc. If you are planning on taking a horseback ride across the park, you will have to share the trails with hikers.
These trails may be rocky and steep, so if you aren’t an experienced rider, it is a good idea to get help from a guide. Make sure that you buy the horse riding experience from a park authorized business. These commercial rides are available for adults as well as kids, and from novices to horse riding experts.
There are a few horse travelers camps scattered about the park, particularly for day use. These primary trailheads include String and Leigh Lake Trailheads, Taggart Lake Trailhead and Poker Flats Trailhead.
Also, if your horseback riding adventure may last overnight, it is a good idea to seek park permits from the closest visitor centre of ranger office.