Places to Go

The quintessential American mountain range on display at the Grand Teton National Park draws millions of visitors each year. There’s also an abundance of wildlife and plenty of history lessons every step of the way at the park. Here are some of our favorite places to experience the Grand Teton Park in all its glory.

Jackson Lake Dam

What started as a log-crib dam in 1905 was turned into a concrete dam by 1916. This dam has raised the lake level to 30 feet above its natural elevation. It was upgraded for the final time in 1986, making it strong enough to withstand a maximum credible earthquake of magnitude 7.5 to befall the Teton fault. It’s magnificent to look at!

Jenny Lake

Mind numbingly beautiful views of the Cascade Canyon, plenty of rest rooms, and a well-stocked grocery stores will make sure that your visit to the Jenny lake area is a memorable one. Once at the lake, you can go on a hike deep into the Hidden Falls or take a boat ride across the lake. You can also take the Jenny Lake Loop Trail to the other side. This 7 mile hike will take you through mostly flat and oft-used trail; you can also take the boat back and cut the walking distance in half! There’s a lot to do at Jenny Lake!

The Teton Village Aerial Tramway

The tram starts at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, climbs from 6,300 feet to 10,500 feet to Rendezvous Mountain offering spectacular views of the valley, Snake River plain as well as the connected flood plain. This is the perfect way to kick off the Grand Teton Park tour!

Other Attractions

There’s also the Moose-Wilson Scenic Drive giving tourists an up-close view of the wildlife inhibiting the Park. If you want to see the elk, mule deer, moose and black bears living here, this is the route you need to take.
Take the Paintbrush-Cascade Canyon Loop Trail to see the Grand Teton peak in all its wondrous glory. You can also go Elk Watching and witness the love at first sight that only happens during the Fall mating season.