Scenic drives

The beautiful, picturesque roads inside and around the Grand Teton National Park will take you over lush green hills, across mountain peaks and to crystal clear lakes and rivers. The drive itself is one of the biggest adventures offered by the Grand Teton National Park.
Some of our favorite scenic drives through the Park are:

Jenny Lake Scenic Drive

This 5 mile stretch of one-way road will give you a surreal close up of the Teton Mountain Range as it runs south through pine forests and open meadows. AKA the Jenny Lake Loop, this road will also take you past the lovely glacial Jenny Lake.

Teton Park Road

This 20 mile drive connects Moose Junction to Jackson lake Junction and extends itself to meet the Jenny lake Scenic Drive as well. Take this route if you are interested in taking in the sights of Signal Mountain, Mount Moran and the Cathedral Group i.e. three of the highest peaks in the Teton Range.

Signal Mountain Road

This 4-mile road will take you 700 feet above close to the mountain range and across lush green forests that let you peak in on Jackson Lake and Mt. Moran. A beautiful panoramic view of the Grand Teton national Park awaits you at the end of the winding road. This is where you can observe the entire 40 mile Teton Range and the adjoining valley. However, the road is closed in winter so plan your trip wisely.

Driving Safely In the Grand Teton National Park

This is animal country, so be prepared to meet bison, elks, and mule deer especially if you are driving at night. Do not exceed the speed limit of 45 mph from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise to avoid fatal accidents.