Cowboy Up Tandem Hang-Gliding

Adventurous visitors to the Grand Teton region will love Cowboy Up Tandem Hang-Gliding School’s one-of-a-kind hang-gliding tours of the mountains. Safely snuggled in canvas cocoon behind the pilot, you’ll have the confidence and freedom to see the area’s most beautiful features from the air.

Cowboy Up is the only hang gliding school in Wyoming and prides itself on having an impeccable safety record with over 3,000 tandem (2-person) flights without any injuries. Instructors teach the art of flying in a hang glider, and then students can choose from starting their lesson at 2,000 or 4,000 feet.

With over 50 years of teaching hang gliding, many national and international hang gliding records, pilot and flying licenses and master-level certification, you’ll never feel anxious flying with Bart and Tiki, the Cowboy Up pilots.
Guests comment on their friendliness and knowledge, and many say that they felt like they were with old friends. They welcome guests’ questions and have a great wealth of experience that they love to share.

Guests report that the 4,000 Super Flight is a soothing, Zen-like experience, and very different from the adrenaline rush of skydiving. One woman reported that she could not stop smiling, enjoying stunning views of the Grand Tetons, and following Bart’s prompts to see mountain goats below.

Bart (the glider pilot) and Tiki (the plane pilot) make sure you know just what to expect, and during the flight you are even allowed to take the reins for a few minutes. The view is unmatched, and you’ll love this unique perspective of the landscape. Even young children loved the tour, which is a great testament to how wonderfully comfortable and safe the staff makes you feel.

This amazing experience is available for a $169 for the 15 to 20 minute Discovery Flight starting at 2,000 feet, and $249 for the 30 to 45 minute Grand Flight from 4,000 feet. You’ll also love the photos and videos of your flight available for $40 (photos) to $90 (edited video and photo package) that will allow you to relive your hang gliding experience. Cowboy Up keepsakes also include Cowboy Up t-shirts, hoodies, and more.