Jackson Hole Tram

If you want to know what flying feels like, be sure to visit the Jackson Hole Aerial while you are vacationing at Grand Teton Park. In 15 minutes, the Aerial Tram glides 4,139 vertical feet from the base of Teton Village to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.

Since 1966, the Jackson Hole Tram has been taking visitors to the top of the 10,450 foot Rendezvous Mountain Peak in the Grand Tetons. You can access the tram in the heart of Teton Village, just 12 miles northwest of downtown Jackson. The summit offers an incredible 360-degree view of the Snake River Valley, Grand Teton National Park and the Gros Ventre Mountain Range. Each 2-car reversible tram carries 100 people per car and can bring 650 people to the summit per hour.

Summer visitors will enjoy the hiking trails that begin at the summit that feature a mystical alpine eco-environment full of wildflowers, pine trees and high-alpine lakes. The summer ride on the tram includes a narrated and slower scenic experience.

Once atop the summit, you can visit Corbet’s Cabin for snack or gear, including its famous Top of the World Waffles, fresh waffles topped with brown sugar butter, Nutella or strawberry preserves. More adventurous visitors may choose to take a tandem paragliding flight to the base of the mountain. Winter visitors to the tram will share the ride with skiers and snow boarders as the tram provides the best access on the mountain for skiing and snowboarding.

Originally, the Jackson Hole Tram was located in the heart of the Grand Tetons, just west of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It took 26 months of construction to build the tram, as it was the first of its kind in the United States. In 2006, after 50 years of operation, the tram was decommissioned and plans were initiated replace the iconic gondola. So historic is the Jackson Hole Tram, local producers created a documentary, “Cable to the Sky,” which follows the progress of the tram’s construction. In 2008, the new tram was unveiled in its current location.

The ride is somewhat pricey, but many visitors feel that it is well worth the trip where you can are given a free ticket for the open ski lift for an amazing view of the mountains and the ability to watch cyclists on the mountain bike trails. There is a 10 degree temperature difference from street level to the summit, so be sure to being a sweater or jacket. The tram can be like riding a roller coaster at times, but it is enjoyable. Look for the $5 off coupon in tourist information brochures to save yourself a few dollars.