Wildlife viewing

The Grand Teton National Park is home to more than 60 species of mammals. Moose, bison, elk, pronghorns, coyotes and a diverse bird life live in the shadows of the Teton mountain range. The visitors here only need to spend some time hiking to come across mountain lions, black bears, grizzly bears and wolves.
It is almost impossible to NOT come across wildlife when on a visit to Grand Teton National Park. But if you are here specifically for this purpose, it is a good idea to get an early start in the day. Most animals are up and about bright and early but they spend the day time hiding in the shades to escape the heat They return to grazing and hunting in the cooler evening hours, but by then, there is very little light left to truly enjoy the view.
The National Elk Refuge along the Park’s south border provides grazing space for up to 6000 elks and 800 buffaloes. There’s also the timbered island, situated just south of Jenny Lake. It is home to pronghorns that come here to forage on the sagebrush found in abundance here.
Some other good places for wildlife viewing in the Grand Teton National Park include Oxbow bend, Northern Jackson Lake, and Moose Bridge.